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Past events

All presentations from the Toulon 2013 ITER Business Forum can be found here.

MARCH 12th 2013, F4E Information Day in Barcelona on Divertor Cassette Bodies [OMF-444]
All presentations can be found here.

27th Symposium on Fusion Technology SOFT 2012
Li̬ge (Belgium), September 24 Р28, 2012

jointly organized by SCK CEN (Belgium) and the Trilateral Euregio Cluster (TEC).

All presentations given by F4E on the 25th September (Industry Satellite Day) are available here.

All official pictures of the week can be seen at http://www.soft2012.eu/pictures.

SOFT 2012

March 27th, 2012: F4E organized an information session in Barcelona on the Divertor for ITER.

Technical presentations on the Divertor can be found here.

Companies capable of delivering such components weighing 4.7 tons (without Plasma Facing Components) are highly encouraged to attend the event in order to gain first hand information on the upcoming call for tender and meet other participants.

NOVEMBER 28 and 29, 2011, Intellectual Property and Innovation in Fusion
F4E Information Day in Barcelona
All of the presentations can be found here.
Instructions: After opening this Draft Agenda, you will find all links to the presentations on its second page.

SEPTEMBER 30th, 2011, F4E Information Day on CODAC
(Control, Data Acquisition and Communication) in Cadarache, France
This meeting was attended by some 80 companies from all over Europe. The general architecture was presented by Mr. Jean-Yves Journeaux (ITER Organization). Mr. Filippo Sartori (F4E) described the upcoming Calls for Tender. Alle presentations and the list of participants can be found here.

SEPTEMBER .8th, 2011, F4E Information Day on Radial Plates of the TF Coils
Europe will be supplying 9 (+1 spare) of the 18 toroidal field coils (i.e. the vertical coils producing the annular, horizontal magnetic field in the tokamak). These 14 x 9m “D” shaped coils are each made up of 7 winding packs. Each pack comprises a stainless steel radial plate with grooves on both surfaces for holding the superconductors in place.

Radial Plates of the TF Coils

All presentations and list of participants can be found here.

JULY 18, 2011, F4E Information Day on Project Management
The aim of the information day was to present business opportunities in Project Management Activities in Oracle Primavera for the Project Office in Fusion for Energy.
All presentations can be downloaded here.
Presentations from attending companies are found here.
Questions and Answers session can be found here.

F4E organized the INFO DAY on DIAGNOSTICS on June 2nd and 8th 2011 in Barcelona
F4E described the procedures it will apply for the procurement of DIAGNOSTICS for ITER. Initially the Calls are intended for Associations to finalize the design of the system (Calls for Grants in the form of a Framework Partnership Agreement). Industry will be involved for supplies at a later stage. The presentations of the meetings can be consulted here. Participants to the conference are listed here.

F4E organized the INFO DAY on Engineering Support for the TEST BLANKET MODULES on May 17, 2011 in Barcelona.
F4E presented Opportunities in Engineering Activities for the EU TBM systems for ITER. All presentations can be found here.

F4E organized the REMOTE HANDLING INFO DAY on April 14, 2011 in Barcelona
The aim of the information day was to present the EU Remote Handling Procurement Packages, providing a general overview of the relevant technical requirements, the procurement strategy, the applicable F4E financial rules and scheduling. All presentations can be found here.

F4E organized the 2nd BUILDINGS INFO DAY on November 22, 2010 in CADARACHE
F4E presented its strategy for the procurement of all buildings and infrastructures at the ITER Platform. This item has been allocated to Europe alone. Procurements will be carried out in 3 waves:
2010: ongoing, for Tokamak Excavation and foundations as well as Site Adaptation
2011: main procurement wave, for all long lead M&E packages and most buildings
2013: final procurement wave, for Hot Cell facilities and Completion of works
Click HERE to download all presentations of the INFO DAY.

F4E organized the NBTF (Neutral beam Test Facility) INFO DAY on November 18, 2010 of in PADOVA
The INFO DAY concentrated on the Padova Research on ITER Megavolt Accelerator (PRIMA), which comprises 2 test beds: SPIDER (Source for Production of Ion Deterium Extracted from Rf plasma) and MITICA (Megavolt ITER Injector & Concept Advancement). These two test beds are meant to mitigate any problems that may arise with the development of the final neutral beam accelerators which will heat the plasma at ITER.
Click HERE to download all presentations of the INFO DAY.

>F4E meeting on Tritium characterization methods, 08th – 09th June 2010
Hosted by EFDA-JET Task Force Fusion Technology, JET Culham Science Centre – UK
Objectives of the meeting:

  1. To present ITER needs and requirements in the field of radiological characterization of radwaste drums;
  2. To review the status of art of available or under development methods to measure tritium in waste drums and possibly to identify method/s that could be used by ITER in the future;
  3. To obtain feedback in T characterization and method industrialization by nuclear industries.

All presentations and main findings of the meeting can be downloaded here.

>Information meeting for the ITER Blanket – May 19, 2010
The originally on April 21, 2010 planned meeting had to be postponed on the grounds of the eruption of Eyjafjöll. This meeting gave firms the opportunity to meet and interact in the morning and receive instructions from F4E in the afternoon.

Main characteristics and requirements for the first wall blanket can be found in the following presentation. F4E has produced a consolidated mapping of companies interested in contributing to the blanket.

>Information Meeting with Material Manufacturers for the ITER Vacuum Vessel and Ports Components 8th Feb. 2010, Barcelona, Spain

As a complement to the ongoing Call for Tenders “F4E-2010-OPE-068 (MS-VV) Supply of 7 Vacuum Vessels Sectors – Negotiated Procedure”, F4E organized an Information Day to inform Material Suppliers on requirements for ITER. Required documentation can be found here.

Following this meeting, the Swiss ILO prepared a summary of national competencies available for ITER. Foreign companies are encouraged to contact with preference the companies listed here. Similarly, Swiss companies are encouraged to search partnerships with the qualified consortia.

Information Day: France-Spain business meeting around ITER – 2nd October 2009, Barcelona -Spain


  • Fusion for Energy : the European Domestic Agency for ITER
    ITER and a European industry for fusion
    Benjamin Périer, Head of Business Intelligence group (F4E)
    Download PDF Report
  • The EU in-kind contribution to the ITER Cryoplant
    Marc Simon & Jarl Buskop (F4E)
    Download PDF Report
  • Engineering Analysis & Codes
    Alfredo Portone (F4E)
    Download PDF Report
  • Europe’s contribution to ITER Remote Handling
    Carlo Damiani, RH Group Leader, Machine Systems Division (F4E)
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