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In this section we’ll be giving useful indications to industry as well as informing you on recent industrial achievements. Do not miss the latest news!

FIIF Fusion Industry Innovation Forum

The European Commission is setting up the Forum through its Directorate General for Research: DG RTD unit K6 (see organization chart here.

The Forum has got as its mission:
“Propose ways to develop all the required industrial and regulatory skills and competences that will place European industry and the European energy market in a competitive position for any future fusion power plant commercialization”.

It is now recognized that “the construction of ITER presents a unique opportunity of enhancing technology transfer and innovation between the research laboratories and industry. Industry should therefore become involved in strategic discussions on the future of the fusion program, exploiting the complementarities between technology, research and innovation towards possible industrial application”.

The European Commission had an inaugural meeting of the FIIF in Bruxelles on July 6th, 2010. All presentations can be found here and selecting the button “PAST”.


F4E has opened a new portal for industry. The User’s Guide is posted here.

The new INDUSTRY Portal gives access to all new calls for tender, all awards of contract, to various announcements for industry AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, access to the new Database of registered companies. Companies having previously registered with F4E or with the Swiss ILO will have to proceed to a new registration. F4E will only consider information in its new database.

When registering, you will be asked the activity codes corresponding to your company. These codes are the same than those used in previous registrations. You may wish to print the activity codes prior to registering in order to facilitate the selection of the right numbers.

Forthcoming Calls for tender

The new list of forthcoming calls per end of July 2011 is now also available in the new INDUSTRY Portal.

You are invited to regularly consult this list and to make preliminary arrangements in order to be ready to bid when time comes.

Newsletter from F4E

F4E is editing a Newsletter. The latest edition, Nr. 7, can be found here.

All preceding editions can be found by clicking on the corresponding number:

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