Grants for Industry and Research Labs

Grants are direct financial contributions from F4E in order to finance research actions in support of F4E tasks. Co-financing and non-profit rules are mandatory in accordance with F4E financial regulation. Grants may take any of the following forms:

  1. reimbursement of a specified proportion of the eligible costs actually incurred;
  2. lump sums;
  3. flat-rate financing;
  4. a combination of the forms referred to in points (1), (2) and (3).

Grants shall not exceed an overall ceiling expressed in terms of absolute value.

ITER Calls for Tenders are directly issued by ITER and are simultaneously forwarded to the 7 Domestic Agencies. Firms replying to these Calls for Tenders are therefore subject to world-wide competition. Procurement procedures are usually restricted, starting with an initial Call for Nominations



F4E-GRT-0640 – Development of a Measurement System of Induced Voltages in Ferromagnetic Structures
Deadline to Submit: 15-06-2015


Conceptual Design and Interface Specifications of High Resolution Neutron Spectrometer

Copper alloy manufacturing specification for the ITER First Wall Panels

ITER plasma magnetic control

Core-Plasma Thomson Scattering Diagnostic

Pipe Tooling R&D

LFS Collective Thomson Scattering

Equatorial Visible/Infrared Wide Angle Viewing System

Awarded to: CEA France, Bertin France

R&D in Support of Conceptual Design for Hydrogen Isotope Separation System (HISS)

Core Plasma CXRS System

Design and Development activities for the European gyrotron

CRPP Switzerland, KIT Germany, Resarch Unit Euratom Greece, CNR Italy

Design of the ITER Plasma Control System

Awarded 12.07.2012 to:

Maintenance and upgrade of EUROFER data base for engineering and design

Awarded 11.12.2012 to:
CEA France

DTP2 Extension and upgrades with new prototypes

Awarded 03.10.2012 to:
Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus VTT Finland

Nuclear Data Experiments and Measurements techniques

Awarded 16.11.2012 to:
Consortium for Nuclear Data (ENEA Italy, KIT Germany, AGH-UST Poland, JSI Slovenia, ASCR Csech Republik, CCFE UK)

Characterization of Enhanced Tungsten by High Heat Flux Tests

Awarded 03.10.2013
KIT Germany

Characterization of Enhanced Tungsten

Awarded 01.10.2013 to:
Stockholm University


Awarded 3rd October 2013 to a consortium composed of:

  • Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik (IPP, Garching, Germany),
  • Wigner Research Centre for Physics (Wigner RCP; Budapest, Hungary),
  • Institut für Mikrotechnik Mainz GmbH (IMM, Mainz, Germany),
  • Centre for Energy Research of Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA-EK, Budapest, Hungary), and also involving
  • Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany).

Activities of Support of the Conceptual and Preliminary Design of the European Test Blanket Systems

Characterization of alternative armor materials
Awarded 07.05.2012 to:
Forschungszentrum Jülich Germany

Framework Partnership Agreement for Diagnostic Pressure Gauges

Awarded 07.11.2012:
Max Planck Institut, Germany

Plasma Position Reflectometer

Awarded 21.12.2012 to:
Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), from Portugal; Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas (CIEMAT), from Spain; and Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Istituto di Fisica del Plasma “Piero Caldirola” (IFP-CNR), from Italy

Radial Neutron Camera and Radial Gamma-Ray Spectrometer

Awarded 06.08.2012 to:
ENEA Italy, CNR Italy, IFJ PAN, Poland, IST Portugal, IPPLM Poland, UNIMIB Italy

Calculation of the TBM-induced ripple in ITER, impact on plasma, wall loads and optimization

Awarded 14.06.2012 to:
Aalto University Finland

Conceptual Design of the European Test Blanket

Awarded 19.09.2012 to:
TBM Consortium (KIT,Germany, CEA France, ENEA Italy, CVR Czech Republik, WIGNER Hungary)

Identification of a beryllium substitute – Physics Models validation

KIT Germany

Assessment of re-welding of 316L pipe samples


Study of EC assisted Plasma Startup in ITER

Awarded 24.10.2011 to: CNR Italy

Model validation of 3D MHD code and construction of ITER model for simulation of asymmetric VDEs and associated electro-magnetic load

Awarded 22.07.2011 to: Conzortio RFX Italy

Tokamak Services for Diagnostics

Awarded 21.12.2011 to:
Wigner Institute Hungary

In-pile creep relaxation and post-irradiation thermal creep testing

Awarded 13.02.2012 to:
TÃœV Rheinland Industrie Service Germany, SCK-CEN Belgium

Supply of Documentation of Busbar Arc Model Validation & Supporting Experiments

Awarded 26.10.2011 to: KIT Germany

Erosion corrosion experiments

Awarded 17.08.2011 to: Studsvik Nuclear Sweden

Plasma evolution and performance during plasma regimes with controlled ELMs in ITER

Awarded 19.09.2011 to: IPP Germany

Evaluation of edge MHD stability and uncontrolled ELM energy losses for ITER H-mode plasmas in non-active, DD and DT operational scenarios

Awarded 22.08.2011 to: CEA France

Simulations of ITER First Wall Energy loading

Awarded 10.06.2011 to: KIT Germany

Development of the Neutral Beam Mechanical Components at the NBTF

Awarded 14.07.2011 to: Consorzio RFX Italy

Development of Cooling & Cryogenic Plants for NTBF and Power Supply systems

Awarded 14.07.2011 to: Consorzio RFX Italy

Finalisation of the design of Heating Neutral Beam and MITICA Cryopumps

Awarded 30.04.2011 to: Conzorzio RFX

R&D Design of Fiber Optic current sensor

Awarded 02.12.2012 to SCK-CEN Belgium

In Vessel Viewing System (IVVS) Probe Design Finalisation, including supplementary laboratory tests

Awarded 10.01.2012 to:
ENEA Italy

Study of three design configurations for HCLL and HCPB TBM

Awarded 27.06.2011 to: Ingeneria IDOM International Spain

Activities related to the optimisation of trajectories for the Cask and Plug Remote Handling System in the Tokamak building and Hot Cell

Awarded 28.02.2011 to:
Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) et ASTRIUM Space Transportation (ASTRIUM-ST).

F4E‐GRT‐255 (PMS‐PE)
Self Consistent Simulation of Plasma Scenarios in ITER

Tritium Migration Modelling and Conceptual Design of the Tritium Accountancy Systems for the
European Test Blanket Systems

Awarded 01.12.2010 to: KIT Germany, CIEMAT Spain, ENEA Italy

Development of Nuclear Files

Awarded 21.09.2011 to:
Consortium on Nuclear Data Development and Analysis: KIT Germany, NRG Netherlands, JSI Slovenia, IFIN-HH Romania, CIEMAT Spain.

F4E‐GRT‐163 (ES‐AC)
4C Benchmark and Validation Study

Awarded 25.01.2011 to: Poltechnico di Torino Italy

Design, analysis and documentation to produce the ITER EC H&CD Upper Launcher Final Design – Part 1

Awarded 01.07.2011 to:
CONSORTIUM ECHUL-CA: KIT Germany, CRPP Switzerland, FOM Netherlands, CNR Italy, IPP Germany

R&D Design of sensors for the ITER Magnetics Diagnostics: design of ex-vessel inductive sensors

Awarded 27.09.2011 to CEA France

R&D Design of sensors for the ITER Magnetics Diagnostics: in Vessel Discrete Sensor Assemblies

Awarded 04.02.2011 to: CONSORZIO RFX Padova Italy

High Heat Flux tests of ITER Beryllium‐armoured First Wall mock‐ups

Awarded 22.02.2011 to:
Consortium CYCLE: CCFE UK, CEA France, EMR Belgium, Max Planck Inst. Ger,any, PolyTechnico Torino, Italy.

F4E‐GRT‐056 (ES‐AC)
Nuclear Data Development

Awarded 08.06.2013 to: ENEA Italy, KIT Germany, AGH-UST Poland, JSI Slovania, NPI

F4E‐GRT‐055 (PMS‐PE)
Study of Power and Particle Fluxes to plasma‐facing components during ELM Control by in‐vessel coils in ITER and Evaluation of plasma response effects.

Awarded 27.05.2010 to: FZJ Germany

F4E‐GRT‐051 (MS‐RH)
Activities related to the design of the ITER Neutral Beam Remote Handling System

F4E‐2010‐GRT‐050 (ES‐SF)
In Vessel Dust Management: Development Of In-Vessel Dust Measurement Techniques

Awarded 20.10.2010 to: CEA France, IPP Germany, KIT Germany

F4E‐GRT‐255 (PMS‐PE)
Self Consistent Simulation of Plasma Scenarios in ITER

Tritium Migration Modelling and Conceptual Design of the Tritium Accountancy Systems for the
European Test Blanket Systems

F4E‐2009‐GRT‐049 (PMS‐H.CD)
Design and Development of the European Gyrotron

10.05.2010 Contract award to:
KIT, CRPP, Hellas, CNR

F4E‐2009‐GRT‐048 (PMS‐H.CD)
Design Verification of the Electron Cyclotron Power Supply System for ITER

19.04.2010 Contract award to:

F4E‐2009‐GRT‐047 (PMS‐DG)
System level optimisation of the ITER magnetics diagnostic and R&D/Design of magnetics sensors assemblies ‐ Part A.

Awarded 15.03.2010 to: CREATE Italy

F4E‐2009‐GRT‐046 (PNS‐VTP)
Assessment of Hydrogen Isotope Separation System 2001 Baseline Design

Awarded 09.09.2009 to: FZK Germany

F4E‐2010‐GRT‐045 (PNS‐VTP)
Finalization Of The System Capacity, Enhancements Studies And Detailed Design Of Wds Components Including Hazop Studies.

F4E-2009-GRT-044 (PNS-TBM)
Design and Implementation of the Data Acquisition and Control System of the European Breeding Blanket Test Facility

Awarded 07.12.2009 to: ENEA Italy

F4E‐2009‐GRT‐043 (MS‐IV)
Irradiation and post irradiation mechanical characterization of CuCrZr alloy and CuCrZr/ 316L Stainless Steel Joints.

Awarded 26.11.2010 to NRG Netherlands, AEKI Hungary

F4E‐2009‐GRT‐042 (MS‐IV)
Powered solid HIP development of Austenitic Stainless Steel 316 L(N)‐IG irradiation and post irradiation mechanical characterization

F4E‐2009‐GRT‐041 (PNS‐TBM)
Design and construction of a multy purpose laboratory scale apparatus for investigating hydrogen isotopes properties in PbLi and permeation technology

Awarded 07.12.2009 to: KIT Germany

F4E‐2009‐GRT‐038 (MS‐IV)
CuCrZr powder‐solid HIP Development for ITER First Wall Panels

Awarded 07.04.2010 to: CEA France

F4E‐2009‐GRT‐037 (PNS‐TBM)
Study of the impact caused by the implementation of mitigation means for ITER TF TBM‐induced ripple on TBMs design & test objectives

Awarded 07.12.2009 to: KIT Germany

F4E‐2009‐GRT‐036 (MS‐IV)
Characterization of alternative CFC Material

Awarded 26.01.2010 to: FZJ Germany, NRG Netherlands

F4E‐2009‐GRT‐034 (PMS‐H.CD)
Analysis of Design Issues, Interfaces and Preparation of the Procurement Arrangement for the ITER Gyrotron

23.03.2010 Contract award to:

Components and Infrastructure of the Neutral Beam Test Facility

Awarded 04.11.2009 to: Consorzio RFX

F4E‐2009‐GRT‐031 (ES‐SF)
Continuation of the safety assessment of EU‐TBMs based on design evolution

Awarded 06.08.2009 to: Studsvik Nuclear Sweden

F4E‐2009‐GRT‐030 (PNS‐TBM)
Action 1: Elaboration of the development/qualification/procurement plan for functional materials
Action 2: Screening of an alternative production route/capacity for Be pebbles

Action 3: Post Irradiation Examination of Be materials irradiated in HIDOBE‐01 campaign
Awarded 29.11.2009 to: NRG Netherlands, KIT Germany, ISSP Latvia

F4E‐2009‐GRT‐029 (MS‐MG)
TARSIS Extended Characterisation of ITER Strands

Awarded 20.10.2009 to: UT LT Twente Netherlands, Durham University UK

CODAC Plant System Simulator and a prototype Fast Control Plant System

F4E‐2009‐GRT‐026 (PMS‐PE)
Detailed design of the ITER ICH antenna

Awarded 16.12.2009 to: CCFE UK, CEA France, ERM Belgium, IPP Germany, Politecnico Torino Italy

F4E‐2009‐GRT‐025 (VTQP)
DESEXAM Destructive Examination of European Divertor Vertical Target Qualification Prototypes

Awarded 29.06.2009 to: FZJ Jülich Germany

F4E-2009-GRT-024 (PMS-DG)
Task A: Detailed design of a representative equatorial port plug and Equatorial port plug diagnostic integration analysis

Awarded 28.07.2009 to: NRG Netherlands, NATEC Spain

Task B: Equatorial port plug diagnostic integration analysis
Awarded 18.12.2009 to CEA France, IST Portugal, ENEA Italy, CIEMAT Spain, KFKI-RMKI Hungary

F4E‐2009‐GRT‐022 (PMS‐H.CD)
Neutral Beam Injector HNB1 & HNB2 Development Support for Components Outside the Scope of NBI Test facility

Awarded 25.11.2009 to: AEA UK, CCFE UK

F4E‐2008‐GRT‐021 (MS‐VV)
Corrosion issues

Awarded 30.06.2009 to: Studsvik Nuclear Sweden

F4E‐2009‐GRT‐020 (PNS‐VTP)
Instrumentation for ITER Cryopumps and Cold Valve Boxes
Awarded 26.06.2009 to: KIT Germany

F4E- 2009-GRT-019 (PNS-VTP)
Upgrading of TIMO-2 Facility

Awarded 20.04.2009 to: FZK Germany

F4E‐2008‐GRT‐017 (PMS‐PE)
Plasma Scenarios and Poloidal Fields Coils System Analysis and Optimization
Awarded 23.01.2009 to: Consortium CREATE Italy

F4E‐2008‐GRT‐016 (MS‐RH)
Activities related to the development of an Air Transfer System prototype and Cask Transfer System Virtual Mock‐up
Awarded 05.02.2009 to: IST Portugal, CIEMAT Spain

F4E‐2008‐GRT‐015 (MS‐RH)
Activities related to the development of and In‐Vessel Viewing System prototype
Awarded 24.02.2009 to: ENEA Italy

F4E‐2008‐GRT‐014 (ES‐AC)
Action 1: Improvement of Nuclear Data, development of tools and experiments/validation in support of ITER activities
Action 2: Nuclear Data studies/experiments in support of TBM activities

F4E‐2008‐GRT‐012 (PMS‐ DG)
3 actions
Action A: Calibration and Test Strategy for the ITER Magnetics Diagnostic and Development of Initial Test Rigs
Action B: Construction of an ITER External Rogowski Coil Prototype Action C: Calibration and Testing of Specific ITER Sensor Coil Prototypes

23.12.2009: Contract Award to:

F4E‐2008‐GRT‐011 (PMS‐H.CD)
Design of the components and the infrastructures for the NBTF

17.12.2008 Contract award to:
Consorzio RFX Corso Stati Uniti 4 I‐35127 Padova

Eurofer Material Database

29.09.2009 to: CEA France

F4E‐2008‐GRT‐09 (PNS‐TBM)
Design and development of the European Test Blanket Modules (TBM) Systems

24.11.2008 Contract award to:
Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe Gmbh (FZK), Germany (coordinator) Commissariat à l’Énergie Atomique (CEA), France Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas Medioambientales y Tecnológicas (CIEMAT), Spain Ente per le Nuove Tecnologie, l’Energia e l’Ambiente (ENEA), Italy Nuclear Research Institute REZ plc (NRI), Czech Republic Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Science (RMKI), Hungary
Coordinator’s address: Hermann‐von‐Helmholtz‐Platz 1, D‐76344 Eggenstein‐Leopoldshafen

F4E‐2008‐GRT‐08 (PMS‐H.CD)
Development of the European Gyrotron

26.02.2009: Contract award to:

Upgrade of the DIADEMO He/PbLi Facility

24.11.2008 Contract award to:
Commissariat a l’Energie Atomique (CEA) Batiment 204 F‐13108 Saint‐Paul‐lez‐Durance

F4E‐2008‐GRT‐ES‐SF‐02 Detailed Analyses of LOCA Reference Event Scenarios
13.08.2008 Contract award to:
Studsvik Nuclear AB SE‐61182 Nyköping,

Action 1: Detailed Analyses of Fire Explosion Event Scenarios

Awarded 10.03.2009 to: KIT Germany

Action 2: Combined hydrogen and dust explosion and mitigation experience model development.
Awarded 10.03.2009 to: Studsvik Sweden

DTP2 facility operation and upgrade preparation

Awarded 11.09.2008 to: TEKES Finland

Conductor testing in SULTAN

Awarded 11.09.2008 to: CRPP Switzerland