ITER Calls

ITER Calls for Tenders are directly issued by ITER and are simultaneously forwarded to the 7 Domestic Agencies. Firms replying to these Calls for Tenders are therefore subject to world-wide competition. Procurement procedures are usually restricted, starting with an initial Call for Nominations



Ref. 374: I0/15/CFT/11707 /JPK
“Heater Solution for Current Lead Terminal Instrumentation of the ITER coils”
7th June 2015.

Ref. 373: Call for Expertise IO/15/CFE/11710/JTR
“Mechanical Engineering Support for ITER Vacuum Vessel Port Structures and their Interfaces with other Plant Breakdown Systems”
28th May 2015

Ref. 372: IO/15/CFN/11662/JPK
“Experimental Validation of the Divertor Plasma Facing Units of Vertical Targets”
14th May 2015.

Ref. 371: Call for Expertise IO/15/CFE/11672/MCI
“Engineering Work to Support the Qualification of Magnet Assembly Procedures”
11th May 2015

Ref. 370: Call for Expertise IO/15/CFE/11659/JTR
“Development of user-friendly interface for SOLPS-ITER”
7th May 2015

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Ref. 001: ITER Call for expression of interest Cabling and Jacketing of TF Conductor Performance Samples

Ref. 002: ITER Call for nominations Tritium Transport Package

Ref. 003: ITER Call for nominations Reactive Power Compensation

ITER Call for nominations AC/DC Conversion Plant

ITER Call for nominations Switching Networks (SN), Fast Discharge Units (FDU) and DC busbars

ITER Call for nominations Software and Data-Bases Supports for the Design Office

Ref. 007/ITER/C4N/08/18/PB
ITER Call for nominations Human Factors Integration Plan Development

Ref. 008/ITER/C4N/08/23/OK
ITER Call for nominations ITER Primary Survey

Ref. 009/ITER/C4N/08/20/PB
Technical specification for option study for electrolysers of enhanced water detritiation system

Ref. 010/ITER/C4N/08/21/CDP
Framework Contract for the Support to ITER in the area of System Engineering

Ref. 011/ITER/C4N/08/24/CDP
Framework Contracts for CAD Design and Associated Design Engineering Supports for ITER

Ref. 012/ITER/C4N/08/26/FDG
Framework Contracts for the Engineering and Technical Support Installations

Ref. 013/ITER/C4N/08/27/FDG
Security Guard services and access control to the JWS2 temporary site

Ref. 014/ITER/C4N/08/19/PB
Experimental evaluation of pilot wet scrubber column for ITER air detritiation

Ref. 015/ITER/C4N/08/25/CDP
ITER Call for nominations – Central Safety and Interlock Assistance Contract

Ref. 016/ITER/C4N/08/28/OK
Investigating and Demonstrating Technologies for CODAC High Performance Networks

Ref. 017/ITER/CT/08/912
Review of Safety Important Components (SIC) and Operating Limits and Conditions (OLC)

Ref. 018/ITER/CT/08/1012
Framework Service Contract for RH Engineering support to 3 years

Ref. 019/ITER/C4N/08/37

Ref. 021/ITER/C4N/08/44

Ref. 020/ITER/C4N/08/42
Engineering Support for Executing Electrical Engineering Analysis

Ref. 022/ITER/C4N/08/48Engineering support for design of Atmosphere Detritiation System of the Hot Cell Facility

Ref. 023/ITER/C4N/08/46
R&D Support for Water Detritiation System

Ref. 024/ITER/C4N/08/47
R&D Support for Development of Atmosphere Detritiation System of the KTM Complex

Ref. 025/ITER/C4N/08/053/HPN
Supplying Control, Data Access and Communications systems (CODAC) for the Instrumentation and Control Systems (I&C) and decide on a solution for procurement

Ref. 026/ITER/C4N/09/61/OKA
ITER Vacuum Vessel Assembly (Welding)

Ref. 027 ITER/C4N/09/62/PMT
Support for Preparation of ITER Machine Operation phase

Ref. 028 ITER/C4N/09/63/PMT
Specifications for explosion risk analysis in support of the completion of the ITER RPrS

Ref. 029/ITER/C4N/09/66/CZ
Framework Contract for Engineering Support Buildings and Site Infrastructure

Ref. 030/ITER/C4N/09/67/PB QA/QC
(Quality Assurance/Quality Control) services for Electrical, Power Conversion and Power Electronics Components

Ref. 031/ITER/C4N/09/74/BEY
Framework Contract for Central Interlock and Safety (I&S) Systems Engineering Services

Ref. 032/ITER/C4N/09/73/OLT
Contract for CODAC (Control, Data Access and Communication System) Core Software Engineering Support

Ref. 033/ITER/C4N/09/79/OKA
Development of High Voltage Instrumentation Feedthroughs for the ITER Superconducting Magnet Systems

Ref. 034/ITER/C4N/09/77/OKA
R&D contract for assessment of tritium removal from co-deposited beryllium layers by flash heating

Ref. 035/ITER/C4N/09/4300000007Conceptual design of the five Auxiliaries Cold Boxes (ACB), the Cold Compressor Box (CCB), the Thermal Shield Cooling system (TSCS) of ITER project

Ref. 036/ITER/C4N/09/80/IJ
Global Insurance Program for Construction and Erection

Ref. 037/ITER/RT/09/82/PMT

Ref. 038/ITER/C4N/09/84/GOI

Ref. 039/ ITER/C4N/09/ 1378
Development and qualification of productive welding technology for application to in-situ assembly welds

Ref. 040/ITER/C4N/09/87
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system

Ref. 041/ITER/C4N/09/90/PMT
Development of Method for Highly Tritiated Water Handling in ITER Tritium Plant. Phase 1

Ref. 042/ITER/C4N/09/088/LCN
People Management Training

Ref. 043/ ITER/C4N/09/1542/MME
Simulation studies to be performed describing water flow through crevices and water spatial pressure evolution around ITER first wall blanket shielding modules

Ref. 044/ITER/C4N/09/91/OKA
Third part inspection of Mechanical Structures, Systems and Components

Ref. 045/ITER/C4N/09/92/OKA
The development of the ITER Process Quality Management System

Ref. 046/ITER/C4N/09/10001559
Cryogenic, Electrical and Mechanical Tests of High Voltage Equipment for the ITER Magnet Systems

Ref. 047/ITER/C4N/09/1137/OKA
Detailed design and Integration of Tritium Plant building layout and sub-systems

Ref. 048/ITER/C4N/09/95
Provision of Support Services for Procurement and Contract Division

Ref. 049/ ITER/C4N/09/96/MME
Spectroscopic Method of Water Leak Micro-Leak Localization

Ref. 050/ ITER/ C4N/09/94/PBS
SAP Application Maintenance Service

Ref. 051/ITER/C4N/09/1738/RMTS
Instrumentation & Control Technology Integration Support

Ref. 052/ITER/CFT/09/97/OLT

Ref. 053/ITER/CFT/09/98/OLT

Ref. 054/ITER/ C4N/09/1822/RTS
Integration of TBS components in TBM Cryostat Interspace and Port Cell areas and associated Assembly/ Maintenance operation sequences in-situ and in the Hot Cell Facility, including required transport

Ref. 055/ ITER/ C4N/09/1823/RTS
Design of interfaces between Test Blanket Systems (TBSs) and ITER Tokamak Complex

Ref. 056/ITER/C4N/09/102/RTS
Design and Implementation of an Integrated Modelling Infrastructure

Ref. 057/ ITER/C4T/09/1766
Framework contract to develop tools to support CODAC self-description

Ref. 058/ITER/C4N/10/106
Provision of Engineering Models for Plasma Feedback Control and Protection

Ref. 059/ITER/C4N/10/105
Provision of Network and Security Services and Solutions

Ref. 060/ITER/C4T/10/2310
Project Management Support

Ref. 061/ITER/C4N/10/106
Support to the ITER Finance and Budget Division

Ref. 062/ ITER/C4N/10/115/RTS
Laboratory studies of material damage on and dust generation from beryllium and beryllium coated surfaces under transient plasma heat loads

Ref. 063/ITER/C4T/10/2551/OKA
Experimental validation of replacement of molecular sieve driers with scrubber columns in the ITER atmosphere Detritiation System

Ref. 064/ITER/C4N/10/118/PMT

Ref. 065/ITER/C4N/10/119/PMT

Ref. 066/ITER/C4T/10/061/OKA
Vacuum Vessel Assembly

Ref. 067/ITER/C4N/10/120/PMT
Optical Sensors for ITER Magnets

Ref. 068/ITER/CFN/l0/2751

Ref. 069/ITER/C4T/10/2822/OKA
Cable Engineering Support Services

Ref. 070/ITER/C4N/10/121/RMN

Ref. 071/ ITER/C4N/10/127
Services to design and supply Instrumentation & Control Technology for Mini-CODAC, Network Equipment, Plant System Host and Fast Controller

Ref. 072/ ITER/C4N/10/126/RTS
Investigation of laser spectroscopic methods and applicability to ITER for Leak Localization”

Ref. 073/ ITER/CFN/10/130
Web Application Development Support

Ref. 074/ITER/CFN/10/128/BGD
Services to provide Internal Configuration Guidelines of I&C Cubicles and Supply small batch of I&C Cubicles

Ref. 075/ ITER/C4N/10/131/RTS
Detailed design and Integration of Tritium Plant building layout and sub-systems

Ref. 076/ ITER/C4N/10/132/RTS
Concept Design – Fast Deployment Device for ITER

Ref. 077/ ITER/CFT/10/2912/RTS
Conceptual design of Tritium Plant Automatic Control system

Ref. 078/ ITER/CFT/10/2756/RTS
Development of Tritium Accountancy and Tracking Program

Ref. 079/ ITER/C4N/10/133/IJC
Global logistics service provider and transport insurance

Ref. 080 ITER/C4N/10/135/RTS

Ref. 081 ITER/C4N/10/134/RTS
Design, Fabrication, Installation and Commissioning of the Helium Refrigerators for ITER

Ref. 082 – IO/10/CFN/3444/CFN
Framework contract – Engineering support for machine assembly and installation

Ref. 083/ITER/CFN/10/138/PBS
New telephony infrastructure for ITER Organization (IO) site of Cadarache

Ref. 084/IO-CFN-10-3262
Conceptual Design of the Analytical System

Ref. 085/ITER/CFT/10/3552/JPK
“Test Programme and Qualification Trials of Shear Keys in the Inner Intercoil Structure”

Ref. 086/ITER/10/3429/CFE
“Engineering Work and Monitoring Manufacture of the TF Colis and Feeder system”

Ref. 087/ITER/10/3446/CFE
“Safety and Licensing document support”

Ref. 088 ITER/C4N/10/3751/JTR
A Dependability Analysis and Software Tools for the ITER Central Interlock System

Ref. 089 IO/l0/3287/CFN
Blanket Support System Customisation

Ref. 090/ITER/10/3002/CFE
A Technical Officer for Integration and Diagnostics Support on the ITER Diagnostics

Ref. 091/ITER/10/3906/CFE
Support Services to ITER Diagnostics on extended sensors

Ref. 092/ITER/10/3908/CFE
Support Services to ITER Diagnostics on discrete sensors

Ref. 093/ITER/ IO/10/3980
“Remote Handling System R&D Engineer Services”

Ref. 094 – ITER/CFN/10/3902/PBS
“Technical Specification and Statement of Work for Support of the Finance & Budget Division”

Ref. 095/IO/10/4072/CFE
“Expert welding support”

Ref. 096-ITER/CFE/10/3999/JTR
“Diagnostics Physicist-Engineer to work on ITER”

Ref. 097 – ITER/CFE/10/3998/JTR
“Diagnostics Physicist-Engineer to work on ITER”

Ref. 098 – TER/CFE/10/4008/JTR
“A Specialist Diagnostics Expert for Neutrons and Fusion Products on ITER”

Ref. 099 – ITER/IO/10/4074/CFE
“Engineering Work for the Instrumentation of Coils and Feeders from the ITER Magnet System”

Ref. 100 – ITER/CFN/10/4226/CZN
“Design, Procurement Assistance, Support of Access Control and Security Systems”

Ref. 101 – ITER/10/1000/CFE
“Integration and Engineering support”

Ref. 102 – IO/CFE/10/4017/JPK
“Engineering Work for the HTS current leads for the ITER”

Ref. 103 – IO/10/4040/CFN
Engineering Support for Electrical Engineering Division

Ref. 104 – IO/10/4339/CFE
Support of safety design conformance with requirements

Ref. 105 – IO/10/4197/CFN
Systems and Services to support the Assembly, Commissioning, Start-Up and Operations phases of ITER

Ref. 106 IO/10/4255/CFE
RH Mechanical System Engineer Services

Ref. 107- IO/CFE/11/4705/JPK
Engineering Work for the Instrumentation of Coils and Feeders

Ref. 108 – ITER/CFE/11/4701/JTR
Accelerator and Beam Physics Design Analyses for the ITER Neutral Beam System

Ref. 109 – IO/11/4412/CFE
Technical support and preparation of documentation for the ITER Magnet feeder System

Ref. 110 – ITER/CFT/11/4695

Ref. 111 – ITER/CFT/11/4696

Ref. 112 – IO/11/4414/CFE
Technical Support in Monitoring Manufacture of Superconducting Strands for the ITER Magnets System

Ref. 113 – No IO/11/4930/CFE
Expert’s support of design review of the ITER Water Detritiation System

Ref. 114 – Call for Nominations No IO/11/4796/CFN
Engineering Technical Support for the ITER Tokamak Directorate

Ref. 115 – No IO/11/4931/CFE
Expert’s support of design review of the ITER Water Detritiation System

Ref. 116 – Call for Nominations ITER/CFN/11/4584
EPICS Software Support and Training Services

Ref. 117 – No IO/11/4982/CFE
Institutional Industrial Membership for Welding

Ref. 118 – No ITER/CFE/11/4840/5115/BHS
Engineering Support in the Areas of Vacuum and Cryogenics for the ITER Magnet Feeder and the ITER Vacuum System

Ref. 119 – Call for Nominations NO. IO/11/5008/CFN
Engineering Support Services for In-Vessel Coil (IVC) Power Supply Systems

Ref. 120 – Call for Nominations ITER/CFN/11/5146
Prototype of the CODAC Archiving System

Ref. 121 – Call for Nominations ITER/CFN/11/5255/PBS
Provision of IT Hardware to the IO

Ref. 122 – Call for Nominations ITER/C4N/11/5179/JTR
I & C Support Services for ITER Control Systems (CODAC)

Ref. 123 – No ITER/CFE/11/5376/JTR
Support the design and progression of the Diagnostics Active Spectroscopy Systems on ITER

Ref. 124 – Call for Expertise No. IO/11/5281/CFE
Integrated Logistics Processes and Systems Integration Management Support

REF 125 – Call For Expertise ITER/CFE/11/5493/JTR
Atomic physics and plasma impurity emission modelling in support of diagnostics activities

REF 126 – Call for Expertise No ITER/CFE/11/5502/JTR “Neutral Beam Engineering support in Diagnostics Neutral Beam & NB Beamline components design. (Two Profiles)”

Ref. 127: Call for Expertise No ITER/CFE/11/5511/JTR
Integration and Diagnostics Support on ITER

Ref. 128: Call for Expertise – IO/11/5565/CFE
MAI Expert Planning Resources

Ref. 129: Call for Expertise – ITER/CFE/11/5591/JTR
Development of Dust, Tritium and Erosion Diagnostics on ITER

Ref. 130: Call for Expertise – IO/11/5610/CFE
Management of the requirements of the ITER Technical Baseline Documentation

Ref. 131: Call for Nominations ITER/CFN/11/5682/PBS
Health, Safety and Environmental Management oversight for the ITER Worksite

Ref. 132: Call for Nominations ITER/C4N/11/5531/JTR
Engineering Support to ITER Diagnostics

Ref. 133: Call for Nominations IO/CFT/11/10005680
Cryostat Concentration Map Technique

Ref. 134: Call for Nominations IO/11/5600/CFN
Development of Light Weight Sensors for Remote Leak Detection and Localisation

Ref. 135: Call for Expertise No IO/11/5726/CFE
Vacuum Leak Engineering Support

Ref. 136 – Call for Nominations IO/11/5840/CFN
“Investigation of Distributed Sensing Techniques Based on Fibre Optic Technology and Their Applicability to ITER Leak Localisation”

Ref. 137: Call for Nominations ITER/C4N/11/5799/AJB
“Provision of Local IT System Administration Services”

Ref. 138: Call for Expertise IO/11/5818/CFE
“Engineering Support in the Areas of Vacuum Testing”

Ref. 139: Call for Nominations IO/CFT/11/10005509
“Support of design of the ITER atmosphere Detritiation Systems (6 lots)”

Ref. 140: Call for Expertise IO/11/5616/CFE
“Remote Handling System Engineering and R&D Expert”

Ref. 141: Call for Nominations ITER/11/C4N/5717/JTR
Engineering Support to ITER Central Interlock System

Ref. 142: Call for Nominations ITER/11/C4N/5805/JTR
Engineering Support to ITER Controls

Ref. 143: Call for Nominations No IO/11/5754/CFN
Irradiation and Testing of Blanket First Wall Mock-ups

Ref. 144: Call for Nominations IO/CFN/11/5660
R&D on Capture and Exchange Method for Processing Highly Tritiated Water

Ref. 145: Call for Nominations: IO/CFT/11/6162
“Vacuum Vessel Assembly Welding”

Ref. 146: Call for Expertise ITER/CFE/11/6053/JTR
“Diagnostics Irradiation Testing of Electrical Components & Cables”

Ref. 147: Call for Expertise IO/11/6212/CEF
“Support of modular design of tritium plant systems”

Ref. 148: Call for Expertise IO/11/6270/CEF
“Metrology Engineering Services”

Ref. 149 – Call for Nominations ITER/C4N/11/7-0002/JTR
“Window Assembly Manufacture and Testing”

Ref. 150 – Call for Nominations ITER/C4T/11/70000000/PBS
“Site Security and Reception services for the ITER Site”

Ref. 151 Call for Expertise ITER/CFE/11/6306/JTR
“Analysis of the performance of ITER slow interlock prototypes”

Ref. 152 Call for Expertise ITER/CFE/11/6568/JTR
“Optical Diagnostics Performance Analysis”

Ref. 153 “Call for Nomination – Design Engineering, Computer Aided Design and CAD Support”

Ref. 154 Call For Expertise ITER/CFE/12/6531/JTR “Diagnostics Thomson Scattering Expert”

Ref. 155 Call for Expertise IO/12/6303/CFE “Engineering Work to Support the Investigation on CS Conductor Design and Performance”

Ref. 156 Call for Nomination No IO/12/5745/CFN “High Voltage Instrumentation Cables for the ITER Superconducting Magnet Systems”

Ref. 157 Call for Expertise IO/CFE/12/6763/BGD “Officer for Diagnostics Design Review Support”

Ref. 158 Call for Expertise IO/12/CFE/6775/BGD “Services of an expert for the engineering and physics design of a high voltage Bushing and assessment of the R&D for the ITER Neutral Beam systems”

Ref. 159 Call for Expertise IO/12/6597/CFE “Electromagnetic Analyses Support”

Ref. 160 Call for Nomination No ITER/CFN/12/7-03/JLA “Supply of Furniture Summary of Scope of Work for Call for Nomination”

Ref. 161 Call for Expertise IO/12/CFE/6783/BGD “Services of an expert Engineer to provide support for design and structural analysis within Diagnostics Division”

Ref. 162 Call for Expertise IO/CFE/12/6443/PMT “Engineering Support for the ITER Toroidal Field Coil Structures Procurement Arrangement”

Ref. 163 Call for Nomination No IO/12/CFN/70000013/BGD “Engineering Support Services for CODAC Core System”

Ref. 164 Call for Nomination PCD/2012/OUT/0009 – “Construction of Modular Office Building ”

Ref. 165 Call for Expertise IO/CFE/12/5281/JLA “Integrated Logistics Processes and Systems Integration Management Support”

Ref. 166 Call for Expertise IO/12/6816/AJB “Engineering Support for the Feeder PA Activities”

Ref. 167 Call for Expertise IO/CFE/12/6885/BGD “Expert Engineer to provide coordination and support for mechanical design and structural analysis within the IC&LH Section”

Ref. 168 Call for Expertise IO/CFE/12/6902/BGD “Services of an Expert to support the design and progression of the Bolometer and VIS/IR Viewing Systems on ITER”

Ref. 169 Call for Expertise IO/CFE/12/6807/JLA “System engineer service for Pressurized Hot Water Test Facility”

Ref. 170 Call for Expertise ITER/CFE/12/6882/JTR “Experimental Physicist to provide support for design and analysis within Diagnostics Division”

Ref. 171 Call for Expertise IO/CFE/12/7_16/BGD “Engineering support for Mechanical, Thermo-Hydraulic and Electromagnetic Analysis of ITER Diagnostics Components”

Ref. 172 Call for Expertise IO/CFE/12/6808/BBE “Management of the requirements of the ITER Technical Baseline Documentation”

Ref. 173: Call for Nomination No. ITER/CFN/12/6804/JTR “Detailed Design of CODAC, CIS and CSS Networking Infrastructure”

Ref. 174: Call for Nomination No. ITER/CFT/12/7-15 “Catering Services”

Ref. 175: Call for Nomination No ITER/CFN/12/7073/AJB “Provision and Installation of a Datacenter Hosting System”

Ref. 176: Call For Expertise IO/12/6896/CFE “Remote Handling Control System engineer”

Ref. 177: IO/RT/12/7148/RTS “Type A Radwaste Mobile Equipment”

Ref. 178: Call For Expertise ITER/CFE/12/7209/JTR “Services of a Neutral Beam Specialist for the Neutral Beam Section of the Heating & Current Drive Division of ITER”

Ref. 179: Call For Expertise ITER/CFE/12/7186/JTR “Engineering support for ITER Magnetics Diagnostics (Loops and Saddles)”

Ref. 180: Call For Expertise IO/CFE/12/7298/FMR-BGD “Services of an Expert Engineer to provide support in Neutral Beam Injectors Design and Analyses”

Ref. 181: IO/12/CFN/70000026/BGD “Framework Service contract for Fast Interlocks Architecture Support Services”

Ref. 182 Call For Expertise IO/12/7229/CFE “High- Voltage Insulation Engineer”

Ref. 183 – IO/12/CFN/70000031/RTS “Framework contract – Supply of Vacuum Testing Support”

Ref. 184 Call For Expertise IO/CFE/12/7485/IDS “Engineer Services to Support ITER Radwaste Management System Designs”

Ref. 185 Call For Expertise IO/CFE/12/7512/FMR “Engineering support in the Standard PLC Software Structure (SPSS) Development”

Ref. 186 Call for expertise No IO/12/7230/CFE Low-Voltage Instrumentation Engineer
Deadline to submit: 29.07.2012

Ref. 187 Call For Expertise ITER/CFE/12/7580/JTR Engineering support in IC an LH system on interface and quality management
Deadline to submit: 19.07.2012

Ref. 188 Call for Expertise No IO/12/CFE/7621/BGD Services of an expert to support the Procurement and Contract Division
Deadline to submit: 15.07.2012

Ref. 189 Call for Nomination No. IO/12/7477/CFN “The transport on IO site of 4 large “cryostat sections” between two buildings”
Deadline to submit: 22.07.2012

Ref. 190 Call For Expertise ITER/CFE/12/7619/JTR “Engineering support in IC antenna design, thermal and hydraulic analysis”
Deadline to submit: 23.07.2012

Ref. 191 Call for Nomination No. ITER/CFN/12/7-0038/JTR “CODAC Operation Applications Engineering Services”
Deadline to submit: 02.08.2012

Ref. 192 Call for Nomination No. IO/12/CFN/7551/BGD “Service Contract for Central Interlock System Final Design, procurement, commissioning and maintenance”
Deadline to submit: 05.08.2012

Ref. 193 Call for Nomination No. ITER/CFN/12/7635/JPK “Design and Supply of Venturi Tube Flowmeters for use in ITER Magnet Feeders”
Deadline to submit: 09.08.2012

Ref. 194 Call For Expertise IO/12/7484/CFE “Site Logistics Support for the Machine Assembly and Installation Section”
Deadline to submit: 09.08.2012

Ref. 195 Call for expertise No IO/12/7623/CFE The Support of Electro-magnetic Analysis for the ITER Magnets
Deadline to submit: 27.08.2012

Ref. 208 : Call for Nomination : ITER/CFN/12/7-049/AJB
“Provision of Services Related to CATIA V5 and Enovia V5 System Customization, Integration and System Administration”
Deadline to submit 4th October 2012

Ref. 209 Call For Expertise IO/CFE/12/7992/FMR
“Engineering support in Neutral Beam Injector design”
Deadline to submit 15th October 2012

Ref. 210 Call For Expertise IO/CFE/12/8029/BGD
“Payments Assistance for CHD”
Deadline to submit 4th October 2012

Ref. 211 Call For Expertise IO/CFE/12/7757/IDS
“CFE Engineering Support in the Areas of Vacuum Testing”
Deadline to submit 22th October 2012

Ref. 212 : ITER/CFN/12/7831/JBN
“Call for Nominations – in-Vessel Survey Development”
Deadline to submit 19th October 2012

Ref. 213: IO/12/7-0039/CFN
“Alignment and Metrology Support”
Deadline to submit 14th October 2012

Ref. 214 : IO/CFE/12/8014/JLA
“Project Management Support for Integrated Logistics Processes”
Deadline to submit 15th October 2012

Ref. 215: Call for Nominations IO/12/CFN/70000043/BGD
“A Framework Contract for deliverable based services related to advanced CATIA V5 and Enovia V5 legacy system customisation”
Deadline to submit 25th October 2012

Ref. 216 : IO/12/7490/CFE
“Radiation maps”
Deadline to submit 23rd November 2012

Ref. 217: Call for Nominations IO/12/7-0036/CFN
“Neutronics analysis”
Deadline to submit 20th November 2012

Ref. 218 Call for expertise IO/11/8152/CFE
“Engineering studies to support integration activities for tritium systems with Tritium Plant, Tokamak, and Hot Cell Facility buildings”
Deadline to submit 10th December 2012

Ref. 219 : ITER/CFE/12/8300/AJB
“Expert for Business Intelligence for 2013 and 2014″
Deadline to submit 12th December 2012

Ref. 220 – IO/12/8319/CFE/JBN
“Expert Support for In-Cryostat Assembly”
Deadline to submit 13th December 2012

Ref. 221 : IO/12/CFN/8206/WDT
Deadline to submit 3rd January 2013

Ref. 222 : IO/12/8393/CFE
“Seismic Analysis Expert”
Deadline to submit 2nd January 2013

Ref. 223: IO/12/8387/CFE
“Integration Engineer support for Tritium Plant systems design and Configuration Control”
Deadline to submit 8th January 2013

Ref. 224: Call for Nominations IO/12/7-0039/CFN
“Alignment and Metrology Support”
Deadline to submit 13 th January 2013

Ref. 225 : ITER/CFN/12/7-0058/JTR
“Framework contract to Build Large Scale Use Cases for Diagnostics Plant I & C”
Deadline to submit 24 th January 2013

Ref. 226 : Call for Expertise IO/CFE/12/8318/PMT
“Engineering Support on Toroidal Field Coils, Instrumentation of Coils and Feeders”
Deadline to submit 23 th January 2013

Ref. 227 : IO/13/CFN/8526/RTS
“Policies and Procedures for the Management and Execution of ITER Site Construction Activities”
Deadline to submit 13 th February 2013

Ref. 228 Call For Expertise IO/13/7483/CFE
“Health and Safety Support for the Machine Assembly and Installation Section”
Deadline to submit 1st March 2013

Ref. 229: ITER/C4N/13/8626/WDT
Call for Nominations – “The design, qualification and manufacturing of Cryostat Support Bearings”
Deadline to submit 3rd March 2013

Ref. 230 : Call for Expertise No IO/13/8778/CFE
“Engineering support to design the Diagnostic Neutral Beam Injector (DNB) including design activities and follow up activities”
Deadline to submit 7th March 2013

Ref. 231 Call For Expertise ITER/CFE/13/8785/JTR
“Technical Project Expert on ITER Diagnostics to support Procurement Arrangements execution”
Deadline to submit 6th March 2013

Ref. 232: ITER/CFN/13/7-0065/DPN
Call for Nominations – “Manufacture of Diagnostic Port Plug Structures”
Deadline to submit: 4th April 2013.

Ref. 233: IO/13/8848/CFN
“Electromagnetic field behaviour test on REMS equipment”
Deadline to submit: 24th March 2013.

Ref. 234: ITER/CFN/13/8697/JBN
“Design, Manufacture and Test of Mechanical Handling Equipment for In-Vessel Assembly”
Deadline to submit: 27th March 2013.

Ref. 235 Call For Expertise IO/13/8925/CFE
“Nuclear engineering service to support ITER Radwaste Management System Design and Conceptual Design Review (CDR) preparation”
Deadline to submit: 29th March 2013

Ref. 236 Call For Expertise IO/13/8855/CFE/JBN
“Quality Engineering Coordination for the Machine Assembly and Installation Section”
Deadline to submit: 29th March 2013

Ref. 237: Call for Expertise No IO/13/8926/CFE
“Engineering support to design the Diagnostic Neutral Beam PMS & ACCC design”
Deadline to submit: 11th April 2013

Ref. 238 : IO/13/CFE/9079
“Engineer to Coordinate design and R&D for Neutron Diagnostics”
Deadline to submit: 29th April 2013

Ref. 239 : Call for Expertise No IO/13/CFE/8999
“Engineering support for the ITER electron cyclotron launchers”
Deadline to submit: 26th April 2013

Ref. 240 : Call for Expertise No ITER/CFE/13/9077/JTR
“Technical Support on ITER Diagnostics Divertor, Tritium & Dust Retention”
Deadline to submit: 6th May 2013

Ref. 241 ITER/CFE/13/9087/JTR
“Support on the documentation and interface management of the ITER Central Interlock and Central Systems”
Deadline to submit: 26th April 2013

Ref. 242 ITER/CFE/13/9060/JTR
“Structural Analysis of ITER Diagnostics Components”
Deadline to submit: 3rd May 2013

Ref. 243 : ITER/CFN IO/13/7070/CFN for “the supply of vacuum engineering support to the ITER project”
Deadline to submit: 5th May 2013.

Ref. 244 : Call for Expertise ITER/CFE/13/9080/JTR
“Design and Analysis of ITER Diagnostics Components”
Deadline to submit: 15th May 2013

Ref. 245: Call for Expertise ITER/CFE/13/9105/FMR
“ITER In-Vessel Services Integration and Diagnostics Support”
Deadline to submit: 27th May 2013

Ref. 246: Call for Expertise ITER/CFE/13/9106/FMR
“ITER Magnetic Diagnostics Support”
Deadline to submit: 22nd May 2013

Ref. 247: IO/13/9069/CFN
“Type B Radwaste Processing and Treatment Equipment Development”
Deadline to submit: 21st May 2013.

Ref. 248 : . IO/13/CFN/70000071/RTS
“Framework contract for Finalisation of Design of Scrubber Column Modules and Layo
uts of the Atmosphere Detritiation Systems for the Tokamak Complex and Hot Cell Fa
Deadline to submit: 19th May 2013.

Ref. 249: Call for Expertise IO/CFE/13/9262/TME
“Support the design and progression of the Diagnostics Passive Spectrometry System
on ITER”
Deadline to submit: Monday 3rd June 2013

Ref. 250: Call for Expertise IO/CFE/13/9268/FMR
“Diagnostic Engineer for Diagnostics with emphasis on Bolometer and Visible Infra-Red (Vis/IR)”
Deadline to submit: 14th June 2013

Ref. 251 : ITER/CFN/13/9305/WDT
“Provision of building and civil engineering design and construction oversight services in particular related to the construction of nuclear installations”
Deadline to submit: 20th June 2013.

Ref. 252: IO/13/7077/CFN
“Supply of passive vacuum gauge heads and controllers for the ITER project”
Deadline to submit: 16th June 2013.

Ref. 253 Call For Expertise IO/13/8925/CFE – 2ndlaunch
“Nuclear engineering service to support ITER Radwaste Management System Design and Conceptual Design Review (CDR) preparation”
Deadline to submit: 24th June 2013

Ref. 254 Call For Expertise IO/CFE/13/9238/PMT
“Magnets Supports Procurement Industrial Follow-up”
21st June 2013

Ref. 255 Call For Expertise IO/13/9053/CFE
“Electrical Technical Engineer”
4th July 2013

Ref. 256 Call For Expertise IO/13/9329/CFE
“Remote Handling Control System Engineering Support 2013″
Friday 5th July 2013

Ref. 257: IO/13/CFN/70000074/RTS
“Framework Contract – Standardised All Metal Vacuum Valves”
4th July 2013.

Ref. 258: Call for Expertise ITER/CFE/13/9384/ AJB
“Evaluation of runaway generation mechanisms and current profile shape effects on the power deposited onto ITER plasma facing components during the termination phase of disruptions”
18th July 2013

Ref. 259: IO/13/CFN/9284/TME
“Execution of Mechanical Tests on Intercoil Structures”
21st July 2013.

Ref. 260: IO/13/CFN/9527/WDT
“Design and building of a logistics platform at the ITER site”
22nd July 2013.

Ref. 261: ITER/CFN/13/9560/AJB
“Contract for the Centralized Procurement and Preassembly of Piping Systems for ITER”
31st July 2013.

Ref. 262: IO/13/7-0085/CFN
“Systems Engineering Support
23rd July 2013

Ref. 263: Call for Expertise IO/13/CFE/9273/TME
“Technical Consultancy Work to Support the ITER Magnet Division”
29th July 2013

Ref. 264: Call for Expertise ITER/CFE/13/9060/JTR
“Mechanical Design & Structural Analysis of ITER Diagnostics Components”
2nd August 2013

Ref. 265: ITER/CFN/13/9561/AJB- “Contract for the Completion of the Final Design for TCWS”
5rd August 2013.

Ref. 266: Call for Expertise IO/CFE/13/9525/FMR “Nuclear Expert for Neutronics Analysis of ITER Diagnostics Components”
29th July 2013

Ref. 267: Call for Expertise IO/13/8855/CFE/JBN – Re-launch “Quality Engineering Coordination for the Machine Assembly and Installation Section”
28th August 2013

Ref. 268: Call for Expertise IO/13/9482/CFE/JBN “Planning Engineer Support”
7th August 2013

Ref. 269: Call for Expertise ITER/CFE/13/9564/JTR
“Engineering assessment of the superconducting magnet insulation systems and pre compression rings during industrialization phase”
12th August 2013

Ref. 270: Call for Expertise ITER/CFE/13/9524/JTR
“Specialist Diagnostics Engineering Support”
16th August 2013

Ref. 271: Call for Expertise IO/13/CFE/9535/TME
“Engineering Support in the area of vacuum, cryogenics and instrumentation for the ITER Magnet Feeders and Vacuum System”
16th August 2013

Ref. 272: Call for Expertise IO/CFE/13/9628/BGD
“Electron Cyclotron system expert”
30th August 2013

Ref. 273: IO/13/CFN/7-0091/AJB – “Preliminary Design of the ITER Plasma Control System”
19th August 2013

Ref. 274: Call for Expertise IO/13/CFE/9678/AJB
“SAP ABAP Services for SmartPlant integration with SAP”
26th August 2013

Ref. 275: Call for Expertise IO/13/CFE/9677/AJB
“Business Intelligence Experts for SmartPlant Integration”
6th September 2013

Ref. 276: IO/13/CFT/1-9554/EBT – “Vacuum laboratory multipurpose test bench”
20th August 2013.

Ref. 277: Call for Expertise IO/CFE/13/9676/PMT
“Services in support of Systems Engineering for ITER Tokamak: Divertor / Lower Ports Integration”
11th October 2013

Ref. 278: Call for Expertise IO/13/CFE/1-9718/BBE
“Seismic Analysis Expert”
30th August 2013

Ref. 279: Call for Expertise IO/13/CFE/9792/AJB
“Development of the SOLPS-IO (SOLPS5.3) code: Extension of the computational domain to allow the simulation of plasma contact with the ITER main chamber first wall”
30th September 2013

Ref. 280: Call for Expertise IO/13/CFE/9608/EBT – 2 LOTS
LOT 1: Design review support for Tritium Plant section
LOT 2: Technical administration support for tritium plant section
19th September 2013

Ref. 281: Call for Expertise IO/13/CFE/9572/EBT
“Plant Design Engineer support for Tritium Plant systems”
19th September 2013

Ref. 282: Call for Expertise IO/13/CFE/8999/TME
“Engineering support for ITER Electron Cyclotron launchers”
4th October 2013

Ref. 283: Call for Expertise IO/13/CFE/9678A/AJB
“SAP ABAP Services for SmartPlant integration with SAP”
27th September 2013

Ref. 284: Call for Expertise IO/13/CFE/1-9726/BBE
“Nuclear System Engineer services”
11th October 2013

Ref. 285: Call for Expertise IO/13/CFE/9820/EBT
“Technical and administrative support”
23rd October 2013 18:00h CET

Ref. 286: Call for Expertise IO/13/CFE/9826/EBT
“Engineering support to perform dynamic simulation of ITER cryogenic system”
4th November 2013 18:00h CET

Ref. 287: Call for Expertise IO/13/CFE/1-9966/CDP
“Support for logistics, project and contract management for the CAD and Design Coordination Division”
12th November 2013

Ref. 288: Call for Expertise IO/13/CFE/9990/LAA
“Provision for Services in Support of Blanket Design Review, Electromagnetic and Mechanical Analysis and Procurement”
19th November 2013

Ref. 289: IO/CFN/13/70000084/JTR – “Framework Service Contract for Manufacture of Mechanical Components and Associated Tests to Support the Development of the Diagnostic Equipment”
19th November 2013.

Ref. 290: Call for Expertise IO/13/CFE/1- 10060/AJB
“Expert for Business Intelligence for 2014 and 2015″
22nd November 2013

Ref. 291: Call for Expertise IO/13/10042/CFE/LAA
“Technical support for Instrumentation High Voltage Tests at CERN and IO Premises”
9th December 2013

Ref. 292: Call for Expertise IO/13/CFE/10075/JPA
“Heat Loads specifications and Assessment of Internal Components”
13th December 2013

Ref. 293: IO/13/CFN/9560A/AJB
“Centralized Procurement and Preassembly of Piping Systems for ITER”
18th December 2013

Ref. 294: IO/MSY/13/IVC/PMT – “ITER In-Vessel Coils. Design, Manufacturing, Testing and Assembly”
19th December 2013

Ref. 295: ITER/C4N/13/10140/JPK
“Fuses for the HV instrumentation of the ITER coils”
12th January 2014

Ref. 296: Call for Expertise IO/CFE/13/10112/BGD
“Design and Progression of the Safety Important Classified Components for Diagnostics”
15th January 2014

Ref. 297: Call for Expertise IO/13/CFE/1-10103/JBN
“Metrology Engineering Services”
20th January 2014

Ref. 298: IO/13/CFN/10222/PBS
“SAP Application Maintenance Services”
5th January 2014

Ref. 299: Call for Expertise IO/13/CFE/9826/EBT – Launch 2
“Engineering support to perform dynamic simulation of ITER cryogenic system”
Deadline to submit: 07th February 2014

Ref. 300: Call for Expertise IO/CFE/14/10264/PMT
“Engineering support for the follow-up of procurement for the Magnet Division activities”
Deadline to submit: 14th February 2014

CANCELLED – Ref. 301: Call for Expertise ITER/CFE/14/10282/JTR
“Engineering work to monitor all magnet-related PAs for ITER”
Deadline to submit: 21st February 2014

Ref. 302: Call for Expertise IO/CFE/14/10225/PMT
“Provision for Services in support of Engineering for ITER Vacuum Vessel Components”
Deadline to submit: 28th February 2014

Ref. 303: IO/14/CFN/70000099/BGD
“Central Safety Systems Support Services”
Deadline to submit: 23rd March 2014.

Ref. 304: IO/14/CFN/700000100/BGD
“PSP / CLM Database Support Services”
Deadline to submit: 30th March 2014.

Ref. 305: IO/14/CFN/9929/BGD
“Radio Frequency Window Prototype Manufacturing and testing”
Deadline to submit: 30th March 2014.

Ref. 306: 10114/CFN/60163/TKA
“SSEN Metallic Structures”
Deadline to submit: 03rd April 2014.

Ref. 307: Call for Expertise IO/14/CFE/10443/JTR
“Specialist Diagnostic Engineering Support”
Deadline to submit: 18th April 2014

Ref. 308: Call for Expertise IO/14/CFE/10506/JTR
“Mechanical, Thermo-Hydraulic and Electromagnetic Analysis of ITER Diagnostics Components Diagnostic Engineering Support”
Deadline to submit: 24th April 2014

Ref. 309: Call for Expertise ITER/CFE/14/10526/FMR
“I&C Engineering support to the Design of Radwaste System”
Deadline to submit: 30th April 2014

Ref. 310: Call for Expertise IO/14/CFE/10010527/PRS
“Mechanical Engineer Service to Support ITER Radwaste Management System Design for Type B CDR Preparation”
Deadline to submit: 25th April 2014

Ref. 311: Call for Expertise ITER/CFE/14/10522/FMR
“Quality Coordinator to assist in design, manufacturing, installation and test activities of the ITER Cryogenic System”
Deadline to submit: 7th May 2014

Ref. 312: IO/14/CFT/7-107/PBS- “Procurement Service Centre”
Deadline to submit: 27th April 2014.

Ref. 313: IO/14/CFT/7-0111/BGD
“Specialist Engineering Support to ITER Diagnostics”
Deadline to submit: 15th June 2014.

Ref. 314: ITER/CFT/14/7-0109/PBS
“Project Management, Operational and Administrative Support to IT systems and preparations for construction.”
Deadline to submit: 27th May 2014

Ref. 315: ITER/CFN/14/9561A/TKA
“Release of Contract No. TCWS/FD/1 and TCWS/FD/2- the Completion of the Final Design for TCWS.”
Deadline to submit: 20th May 2014.

Ref. 316: Call for Expertise IO/14/CFE/10010609/PRS
“Structural integrity of the ITER Vacuum Vessel Components – ANB Submission support & Design Deviation Review of the Manufacturing Design”
Deadline to submit: 18th June 2014

Ref. 317: IO/14/CFN/10607/FMR- “Magnetic Diagnostics Flux Loops Cable Assemblies”
Deadline to submit: 17th August 2014.

Ref. 318: IO/14/CFN/10812/FMR- “Diagnostics Port Plug electrical feedthrough assembly design, qualification and manufacturing.”
Deadline to submit: 31st August 2014.

Ref. 319: IO/14/CFN/10010837/BGD- “Central Safety Systems for Occupational Safety final Design and Procurement”
Deadline to submit: 14th September 2014.

Ref. 320: Call for Expertise IO/CFE/14/10787/PMT
“Mechanical Engineering Services for Vacuum Vessel and Pressure Suppression System (VVPSS)”
Deadline to submit: 29th August 2014

Ref. 321: IO/1410868/CFN- “Experimental Verification for the ITER Tokamak Vacuum Vessel Pressure Suppression System”
Deadline to submit: 4th September 2014.

Ref. 322: IO/14/CFT/9560/ACS – “Release of Contract No. Contract No. TCWS/CP/1: Contract for procurement of piping and fittings.”
Deadline to submit: 25th August 2014.

Ref. 323: Call for Expertise IO/14/CFE/10010750/PRS
“Support to Cost Estimation for Assembly”
Deadline to submit: 29th August 2014

Ref. 324: Call for Expertise IO/14/CFE/10010867/PRS
“Non-linear MHD Modelling of Pellet Injection for ELM Control in ITER”
Deadline to submit: 23rd September 2014

Ref. 325: Call for Expertise ITER/14/10672/JTR
“Technical Support and Preparation of Documentation for the ITER HTS Current Leads”
Deadline to submit: 30th September 2014

Ref. 326: Call for Expertise IO/14/CFE/10919/JTR
“Engineering support in IC an LH system on interface and quality management”
Deadline to submit: 30th September 2014

Ref. 327: Call for Expertise IO/14/CFE/10921/JTR
“Expert Engineer to provide coordination and support for mechanical design within the IC&LH Section”
Deadline to submit: 29th September 2014

Ref. 328: Call for Expertise IO/14/CFE/10930/JTR
“Engineering Validation and Design Justification of Diagnostic Components”
Deadline to submit: 30th September 2014

Ref. 329: Call for Expertise IO/14/CFE/11001/JTR
“Physics-based transport modeling of main species particle and energy transport in the core plasma of ITER reference scenarios during stationary phases and post-pellet transients”
Deadline to submit: 17th October 2014

Ref. 330: 10/14/CFN/1-0304/EBT – “Web Mastering and Web Development”
Deadline to submit: 16th October 2014.

Ref. 331: Call for Expertise IO/14/CFE/0750/EBT
“Support to Assembly and Operations for Interfaces Coordination during IO Cost Estimate Development”
Deadline to submit: 9th October 2014

Ref. 332: Call for Expertise 10/14/CFE/11012/JTR
“I&C Expert for Support to Tokamak Instrumentation and Control”
Deadline to submit: 3th November 2014

Ref. 333: Call for Expertise IO/14/CFE/11031/JTR
“PBS 69 Engineering Support”
Deadline to submit: 12th November 2014 at 16.00h CET

Ref. 334: ITER/CFN/14/11075/WDT – “The supply, installation and support of a RFID Solution”
Deadline to submit: 6th November 2014.

Ref. 335: IO/14/CFT/7-0114/PBS – “IT small consumables”
Deadline to submit: 3rd November 2014.

Ref. 337: IO/14/CFT/7-0139/PBS – “Business Intelligence Global Support”
Deadline to submit 20th November 2014

Ref. 338: IO/14/CFT/7-0142/PBS
“Document Control Section – Administrative and Functional Support”
Deadline to submit 11th December 2014.

Ref. 339: Call for Expertise IO/14/CFE/11164/JBT
“Lifting and Handling Expert Services”
Deadline to submit 15th December 2014.

Ref. 340: Call for Expertise IO/14/CFE/11235/JTR
“Engineering support in IC H&CD system on Development of IC-PSC prototype & Fast controller Phase 2″
18th December 2014

Ref. 341: Call for Expertise IO/14/CFE/11232/JTR
“Engineering support to design the Ion Cyclotron Antenna”
18th December 2014

Ref. 342: IO/CFN/14/11176/PMT
“ITER Tokamak Vacuum Vessel Thermal Shield Additional Neutral Shielding”
15th January 2015.

Ref. 343: IO/14/11268/CFN
“Industrialisation and procurement of the ITER Interlock Discharge Loop Interface Boxes (DLIB)”
19th January 2015.

Ref. 344: Call for Expertise IO/14/CFE/11209/JBT
“H&S Specialist Support”
26th January 2015

Call for Expertise: Ref 345: No ITER/14/CFE/11183/JBT
“Quality Coordination Services”
26th January 2015

Ref. 346: IO/15/CFN/7-0151/ABN
“Remote Handling Engineering Support”
21th January 2015

Ref. 347: ITER/CFT/14/11383/ACS
“TCWS/FD/4 – Contract for Piping Modularity Studies”
19th February 2015

Ref. 348: Call for Expertise IO/15/1-11201/CFE/CDP
“Project Engineering Support” – CANCELLED
5th February 2015

Ref. 349: Call for Expertise IO/CFE/15/11368/JBT
“Engineering support in IC system integration”
16th February 2015

Ref. 350: Call for Expertise IO/15/CFE/11380/JTR
“Engineering support to ITER Diagnostics Interferometer”
20th February 2015

Ref. 351: IO/15/CFN/7-0150/EBT
“Videoconferencing and Telecommunication solutions”
3rd March 2015.

Ref. 352: Call for Expertise IO/15/CFE/11427/JTR
“High Level Planning Engineer Support”
11th March 2015

Ref. 353: Call for Expertise 10/ CFE/ 15/ 11421/JBT
“Procedures and Working Instructions Support for the Site Construction Preparation and Coordination Activities”
5th March 2015 at 16.00h CET

Ref. 354: IO/15/CFT/1-11426/EBT
“Supply and installation of racks and other associated equipment in the warehouse of the logistics platform in the ITER site”
24rd February 2015.

Ref. 355: Call for Expertise IO/CFE/15/11275/MCI
“Provide expert support to IO in the preparation and tendering of contract for the assembly and installation of the ITER tokamak and plant systems”
5th March 2015

Ref. 356: Call for Expertise IO/CFE/15/11449/JBT
“Neutron Engineer”
12th March 2015

Ref. 357: IO/15/CFT/7-0159/PBS
“Applications Development Global support”
11th March 2015.

Ref. 358: Call for Expertise IO/15/CFE/11442/JTR
“Diagnostics Optical Consultancy”
12th March 2015

Ref. 359: Call for Expertise IO/15/CFE/11485/MCI
“Provide Engineering Support in Neutral Beam Injectors Assembly”
17th March 2015

Ref. 360: Call for Expertise IO/15/CFE/11496/JTR
“Engineering Support for ITER In-vessel coil System”
25th March 2015

Ref. 361: Call for Expertise IO/15/1-11541/CFE/PBS
“Project Coordination Support”
23th March 2015

Ref. 362: Call for Expertise IO/15/1-11201/CFE/CDP rev. 1
“Project Engineering Support”
31th March 2015

Ref. 363: Call for Expertise IO/CFE/15/11562/MCI
“Provide Engineering Support for Machine Protection Panel and CIS Manufacturing”
20th April 2015

Ref. 364: Call for Expertise IO/CFE/15/11580/JBT
“Diagnostics Divertor Erosion Monitor”
7th April 2015

Ref. 365: Call for Expertise IO/15/CFE/11564/JTR
“Engineering for HCD Feedthrough Development and Qualification”
7th April 2015

Ref. 366: Call for Expertise IO/15/CFE/11546/JTR
“Cost Engineers support for the Site Construction Preparation and Coordination Activities”
22nd April 2015

Ref. 367: IO/15/CFN/CODAC Network Infrastructure/PLT/PBS
“Supply of Cabling Infrastructure for ITER Central Control System”
22nd April 2015.

Ref. 368: Call for Expertise IO/15/CFE/11143/EBT
“Expert Support for the procurement of site construction works and services (2 lots)”
20th April 2015