Bidding procedure

Which Swiss companies can participate?

The European Union, together with China, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and the United States have agreed to build and operate ITER. Switzerland, having adhered to the nuclear fusion program of Euratom, the European organization in charge of coordinating research activities in the field of nuclear energy, is therefore fully entitled to contribute to ITER.

Swiss companies are invited to participate in the construction of ITER with no restriction whatsoever.

How to get on the ranks?

ITER has instituted Domestic Agencies with each of its 7 partners for coordinating all purchasing activities. The respective Domestic Agencies receive the requests from ITER for the supply of goods and services in accordance with the schedule and the agreed upon partition of works.

The Domestic Agency for Europe is “Fusion for Energy”, in short F4E, seated in Barcelona, Spain. F4E is the organization issuing the calls for tender for all firms seated in the European Union and Switzerland, according to European rules and procedures.

Recognizing that publishing Calls for Tender in the European Journal does not lead to the coverage and exposure needed for reaching specialty firms, F4E relies in turn on national Industrial Liaison Officers (ILO) for coordinating all promotional activities in the respective countries.

As a first step, we encourage you to get in touch with the ILO in your country. He will be most happy to take note of your interest and to provide any information you may need in general or with regard to a particular Call for Tenders.

Registering your interest with F4E

F4E welcomes the registration of firms in a central data bank. Although the registration is not compulsory prior to bidding, firms are nevertheless encouraged to do so for the following reasons:

  • Registered companies receive first hand information from their ILO on upcoming calls for tender
  • Registered companies attest an interest to contribute to ITER and may be the first ones to be called on for particular competences. This case is especially true for enquiries based on the negotiated procedure (for tenders estimated at less than € 250’000).
  • Registered companies could be approached directly, in the case of a competitive dialogue or a restricted procedure launched by F4E
  • Registered companies may be called on to contribute to shares of work normally reserved to any one of the 6 remaining partners but for which no suitable supplier has been found.

F4E enables you to register your legal entity directly into its Industry Portal. You may find the attached pdf file useful for your registration: it gives you all the activity codes which you will be asked to select from a pull-down menu.

Registering your interest with IO

ITER Organization in Cadarache also welcomes the registration of firms in a central data bank. Registering with IO brings the same advantages as with F4E. Indeed, IO also proceeds to direct procurements for its own allocations (final assembly and CODAC – Control, Data Access and Communication) as well as controlling, quality assurance, insurance, welding controls and a maze of further specialties.

The place to register directly is found here.

Remaining up to date

Despite the early warning procedure set up for registered companies, please do not refrain from frequently (e.g. weekly) visiting our web site or F4E’s Industry Portal in the procurement section. With this in mind, you will certainly not miss any new opportunity.