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The project ITER requires multiple expertise in various fields. In order to get only the most performing components and systems in each field, the most competent partners have to be identified. This partner search has been enabled since the 80 when JET was build. Today, it is going on and there are nodes on the national as well as European level which can support you finding your partners – even if you never thought about Fusion as a business opportunity (example: remote handling etc.).

Contact us if you are interested in high-end technology development and innovation.

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  1. BERO Technik AG

    stanless Steel Aparautus and Pressur Vessels
    Piping systems and Deliverer for kryotechnical Components

    Oberhofenstrasse 7
    CH – 8370 Sirnach

    Tel ++41 71 969 47 11
    Fax ++41 71 969 47 19

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