Broader Approach

The Broader Approach is a bilateral cooperation agreement between Euratom (including Switzerland) and Japan. With a time frame parallel to the ITER construction phase (about 10 years’ duration), it is meant to speed up the development of fusion energy as it deals with important subjects in relation with ITER and DEMO. As for the projects implemented within the framework of the Broader Approach, EURATOM and Japan stipulated candidate projects in the document “The roles of the Host and the non-Host for the ITER Project” on 5th May 2005, and finally shared the common understanding that the projects selected by non-Host which did not host ITER, either Euratom or Japan, would be carried out in the territory of non-Host. The above document was adopted as the attached document of the joint declaration on the occasion of the six-party ministerial meeting for ITER on 28th June, 2005.

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