‘Fusion for Energy’ is currently seeking candidates (m/f) for the post of Director

The Director will lead the organisation and take overall responsibility for the European contributions to ITER and the Broader Approach. As such, he/she will play an important role in the overall European fusion programme. In the longer term, he/she will coordinate a programme of activities in preparation for DEMO.

The Director will be appointed by the Governing Board of the Joint Undertaking, following a proposal by Euratom (represented by the European Commission), under the conditions of employment of other servants of the European Communities for a period of five years which can be renewed for a further period of five years by the Governing Board.

He/she will have proven experience at senior management levels of a major organisation, as well as in the management of significant financial resources. Experience of managing high technology projects in a European or international environment is essential. Knowledge of the European fusion programme would be an asset.

For a full description of the post, the required qualifications, instructions on how to apply and closing date for applications, please check the OJ C 38A published on 22.02.2007, or download a document with the information (PDF Document 208 KB).

Closing date for registration: 22 March 2007

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