27-28 October 2008: Colloquium on the ITER-CODAC “Plant Control Design Handbook” and EU Procurement of Control and Instrumentation for ITER

The ITER plant systems, including their control and instrumentation (C&I), will be delivered in-kind by the seven domestic agencies. To ensure conformity, and ease integration with the centrally-provided ITER-CODAC, the ITER-IO will prescribe the hardware and software that may be used to build the C&I subsystems. This takes the form of the “Plant Control Design Handbook” (PCDH) (ITER-D-27LH2V v3.0) which has just appeared in its first official release, with much to be decided and finalized. The next, much more complete release is expected to be issued at the end of 2008.

Fusion for Energy (F4E), the organisation for Europe’s contribution to ITER, is keen in offering constructive criticism of the PCDH to the ITER International Organisation in a timely manner and that the experts in C&I and also those involved in building the plant systems have the opportunity to contribute to this process.

During the meeting a presentation on the PCDH was given by ITER-IO which was followed by a discussion. With regards to hardware, software and procurement issues please see the “Working Group Summaries”. On the second day, F4E presented its procurement strategy and four “case studies”. The working groups concluded with summary presentations.

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