Kaname Ikeda

Kaname IkedaThe Director General (DG) of ITER is the Chief Executive Officer of the ITER Organisation. The DG is responsible to the Council for its efficient execution. The DG therefore supervises the appointment of its staff and their work, and works with the Council to obtain resources and resolve any problems.

Currently, the ITER DG Nominee is Kaname Ikeda.The Project Team is responsible for executing the project and coordinating the procurements, machine assembly and eventual operation. It consists of directly employed staff and staff seconded by the Parties. Staff are appointed on renewable five-year contracts, allowing the needs of the project to be adapted as it proceeds.
The Project Team is mainly located at the Cadarache construction site. The DG heads major divisions for Safety, Licensing and QA, for Administration, and for Science and Technology, the latter being a major point of interaction for ITER’s future plasma physics and nuclear technology customers.

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