Job Opportunities

Fusion for Energy’ will need highly specialised and qualified staff to work at the cutting edge of fusion technology at its offices in

Barcelona. Such staff should normally be nationals of the Members of the Joint Undertaking. The job positions are also open to Swiss citizens (

Switzerland is a long term participant in the EU fusion research programme).
Swiss candidates encountering problems with the eligibility are requested to file their case with the State Secretariat for Education and Research,

Berne, Switzerland.
Staff will be recruited directly by ‘Fusion for Energy’ and employed under the

Staff Regulations of Officials and the Conditions of Employment of other Servants of the European Communities.

Contract Agents

Fuel Cycle Group Leader (closinig date 03/10/2008)

Cryoplant Group Leader (closinig date 03/10/2008)

Nuclear Safety Engineer  (closing date 10/10/2008) 

Materials, mechanical technologies and Non-Destructive Examination Methods engineers (closing date 10/10/2008) 

Contract Agents

Primavera Planner (Closinig date 03/10/2008)

Secretary / Administrative Assistant (Closinig date 24/10/2008)

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