Information meeting for the ITER Blanket – May 19, 2010

7 May 2010 | 18:30 | Specific colloquium & workshop F4E

The originally on April 21, 2010 planned meeting had to be postponed on the grounds of the eruption of Eyjafjöll. This meeting gave firms the opportunity to meet and interact in the morning and receive instructions from F4E in the afternoon.

Main characteristics and requirements for the first wall blanket can be found in the following presentation. F4E has produced a consolidated mapping of companies interested in contributing to the blanket.

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Seventh ILO Meeting in Barcelona, April 22, 2009

7 May 2010 | 18:30 | ILO meetings

The Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull kept many of us from attending the meeting. Video Conferencing was organized, which proved to be a very useful tool. Presentations from F4E can be consulted here:

  1. General Information and current topics
  2. Ongoing Calls for tenders and Business Intelligence activities
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Sixth ILO Meeting in Barcelona, February 2, 2009

7 May 2010 | 18:00 | ILO meetings

As evidenced by the agenda, the 6th ILO meeting mainly focused on past and future achievements with regard to procurements. Data given at the meeting is indicative only and not binding for F4E. You will find attached tables showing

  1. GRANTS awarded in 2009
  2. CONTRACTS awarded in 2009
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Information Meeting with Material Manufacturers for the ITER Vacuum Vessel and Ports Components 8th Feb. 2010, Barcelona, Spain

7 May 2010 | 18:00 | Specific colloquium & workshop F4E

As a complement to the ongoing Call for Tenders “F4E-2010-OPE-068 (MS-VV) Supply of 7 Vacuum Vessels Sectors – Negotiated Procedure”, F4E organized an Information Day to inform Material Suppliers on requirements for ITER. Required documentation can be found here.

Following this meeting, the Swiss ILO prepared a summary of national competencies available for ITER. Foreign companies are encouraged to contact with preference the companies listed here. Similarly, Swiss companies are encouraged to search partnerships with the qualified consortia.

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Update (2010-04-01)

1 April 2010 | 0:00 | Site info

The following pages ahev been updated:

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Updates (2010-02-19)

19 February 2010 | 0:00 | Site info

The Links for companies page has been updated.

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Updates (2010-02-17)

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