Thirteenth ILO Meeting in Cadarache, September 29th, 2011

10 October 2011 | 17:30 | ILO meetings

The presentations given by F4E at their premises in Cadarache can be downloaded from the following links. This meeting was followed by the Information Day on CODAC scheduled on the following day.

  1. General Information and procurement status
  2. Onfoing and Future Calls for Tender
  3. Answers to Questions from the ILO’s
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Physics World Supplement, October 2011

7 October 2011 | 18:00 | Press releases

Big magnets for fine-tuning of the plasma. See how, here.

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L’Hebdo, 29.09.2011

7 October 2011 | 17:00 | Press releases

A positive report on the status of ITER. See it here.

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Les Echos, 06.07.2011

30 August 2011 | 0:00 | Press releases

Bernard Bigot, head of CEA, claims “YES, the challenge of ITER deserves being met“.

See why, here.

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