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Swiss Associate: Centre de recherches en physique des plasmas

15 April 2007 | 14:35 | Swiss Associate

The Plasma Physics Research Centre (CRPP) is a Centre in the Faculty of Basic Sciences of the EPFL. Its 135 strong staff, 110 on the EPFL site and the rest at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), includes 22 nationalities, illustrating the international nature of our field of research. The CRPP is a National Competence Centre in the field of Plasma Physics. In addition to plasma physics teaching, its missions are primarily scientific research in the field of controlled fusion within the framework of the EURATOM-Swiss Confederation Association and the development of its expertise as well as technology transfer in the field of materials research. As the body responsible for all scientific work on controlled fusion in Switzerland, the CRPP plays a national role of international importance.

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