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Partner search

10 June 2007 | 12:01 | partner search

The project ITER requires multiple expertise in various fields. In order to get only the most performing components and systems in each field, the most competent partners have to be identified. This partner search has been enabled since the 80 when JET was build. Today, it is going on and there are nodes on the national as well as European level which can support you finding your partners – even if you never thought about Fusion as a business opportunity (example: remote handling etc.).

Contact us if you are interested in high-end technology development and innovation.

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Industrial database

10 June 2007 | 12:00 | industry database

In March 2006 the EFDA has launched an Industry database for ITER. This database is used to survey the availability and interest of companies in the EU for the participation in the ITER project. The database allows companies to enter their coordinates as well as their competences/activities. It will be the bases of the European contribution to ITER. It is therefore strongly suggested to file an entry in order to get visibility and allow others to initiate a partner search vie this tool.

The database can be found on the EFDA-website under

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First strands qualified for ITER Toroidal Field coils

1 June 2007 | 13:54 | Industrial opportunities

EASBefore the ITER toroidal field (TF) coils are procured, the superconducting strands that make up the cable need to be qualified for ITER operation. At the SULTAN facility of the Paul Scherrer Institute in Villigen, CRPP has tested a 3.5 meter conductor sample cabled from strands and produced by the company EAS with positive outcome. The conductor used for the sample was fabricated under supervision of the Italian fusion institute ENEA, and the sample was prepared, heat treated and assembled at CRPP. The test programme involves the operation under conditions representative of the operation in ITER of a TF coil. The sample was therefore tested with a current of 68 kA, in the Sultan background magnetic field of 10.8 Tesla, and more then 1000 cycles from zero to full current were applied. The performance of the cable proved to be stable under these tests, and the sample passed the acceptance criteria (5.7 K current sharing temperature after 1000 cycles). The EAS strand is therefore considered qualified for the ITER TF coil conductor. Overload tests at 80 kA and a background field of 11T, which were performed after the cycling, did not show any degradation. During the next few months, strands of the Parties involved in the TF coil production will undergo the same qualification testing programme.

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