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ITER for Professional Organizations

24 November 2009 | 0:00 | Swiss Events

Date: January 20, 2010
Time: 14:00 ‐ 16:30h
Venue: Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Auditoire MXF1
1015 Lausanne

Please find the location of the auditorium by consulting the following web link.

Purpose of the meeting
After having presented ITER directly to Swiss industry in Berne on September 28th, 2009, this meeting is now mainly addressed to professional organizations to raise their awareness of the activities deployed around ITER. This information will enable professional organizations to better advise their own members on the opportunities now being offered in conjunction with the construction of ITER.

Inscriptions: The event is free but you are kindly requested to fill out and send back your reply form to Alliance.

Preliminary Program

  • Presentation of ITER: Historical review, purpose, present status
  • Presentation of Procurement processes
    • as carried out by F4E
    • o as carried out by IO
  • Message to convey to affiliated enterprises
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New ITER Calls

13 October 2009 | 12:00 | About us

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ITER for Swiss Industry

2 October 2009 | 0:00 | Swiss Events

The meeting took place in the elegant room “Burgerratssaal” of the Kultur-Casino in the center of Berne. A large audience showed up for gaining first hand information on ITER and the possibilities of contributing to the project. Participants from industry got actively involved in the discussions following the main presentations as per the prearranged program.

The introductory note was presented by Dr. Mauro Dell’Ambrogio, Secretary of State of the State Secretariat for Education and for Research. It was followed by the presentation of CRPP given by its Executive Director, Dr. Ambrogio Fasoli.

The core of the event was brilliantly upheld by F4E with the following talks:

Mr. Philippe Correa, Head of Contracts & Finance department:
F4E and the ITER project: description and goals, presented by Mr. Benjamin Perrier

Mr. Jesús Izquierdo, Engineering Support Division – Analysis and Codes:
QA and Management Specifications in the ITER Project

Mr. Philippe Correa and Mr. Benjamin Périer, Head of Business Intelligence group:
Beyond procurements, an industrial policy for Fusion, also presented by Mr. Benjamin Perrier

The final bouquet came with presentations from industry itself. Several enterprises having contributed to international research projects in the past commented on their experience and benefits of participation. The list of presentations is given here:

ABB Switzerland Ltd, Semiconductors
Mr. Adriaan Welleman: Solid State Crowbar Switches for HV Systems

Comet AG
Mr. Walter Bigler: Matching Capacitors for Fusion Projects

Kasag Langnau
Mr. Walter Egger: Design and manufacturing “Cuve Aerosol Chamber (CERN)

Mr. Serge Büchli: Remote Handling Connector Development

Linde Kryotechnik AG
Mr. Johann-Jürgen Clausen: Linde Kryotechnik AG’s Expertise & Involvement

Sulzer Chemtech AG together with Sulzer Innotec
Ms. Claudia von Scala and Mr. René Girardier: Participation of Sulzer in the JET-Project

Thomson Broadcast & Multimedia AG
Mr. Peter Thomann: High Voltage Supplies for the “Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik”

After a well deserved lunch taken on the sunny terrace of the Casino, the meeting was finalized with the last questions from the audience.

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