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Swiss events


Joint ITER-ESS Swiss Industry Information Day

Event jointly set up by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI), EPFL and PSI to promote Swiss technology in procurement activity arising from two Research Organizations:

  • ITER (International Fusion Experimental Reactor)
  • ESS (European Spallation Source)

On program this day:

  • Presentations from the scientific and political authorities in Switzerland competent for ITER and ESS
  • Presentations from the ITER European Agency and the ESS Heads of Contracts and Procurement Units
  • Presentations from Swiss firms already engaged in ITER/ESS contracts
  • Bilateral discussions and informal exchanges among Swiss industries interested to bid on future ITER/ESS tenders.

The participant list can be found here

All the presentations are available below:

pic1 pic2 pic3

For all further information, please contact Michel Hübner, ILO Switzerland:


International events




F4E Contracts awarded


Recently awarded industry contracts from F4E (~ 3 months) are listed below.
For all older awarded contracts see main list at this page.

  • F4E-OMF-577 Multiple Framework Contracts for the Development and Supply of the ITER Cask and Plug Remote Handling System
    Competitive Dialog:

    • Nuclear Engineering Services Limited, UK
    • CNIM, France
    • AIRBUS Defence and Space SAS, France
  • F4E-OMF-383: Development and supply of the ITER In-Vessel Viewing System.
    Competitive Dialog
    Grouping composed of:

    • TECNATOM, Sp
  • OMF-340 Neutral Beam Remote Handling System
    Awarded to Amec Foster Wheeler Nuclear, UK
  • OPE-568 Site & Infrastructure Management
    Awarded to Dalkia/Veolia, France
  • F4E-OPE-488 destructive analysis to Be coated mock ups
    Awarded to CEA, France
  • F4E-OPE-594 CuCRZr plates for full scale proto
    Awarded to Le Bronze Industriel.
  • F4E-OPE-520 Mitica Vacuum Vessel
    Awarded to De Pretto, Italy
  • F4E-OPE-558: Continuous external Rogowski coil Target
    Awarded to Axon cable (Fr) and Sgenia Soluciones (Sp)


Procurements from F4E


The following list gives a general overview of the main procurement activities being carried out.

  • F4E-OMF-0633 – Engineering Support Services in the Area of Remote Handling
    Deadline to Submit: 20-07-2015
  • F4E-GRT-0640 – Development of a Measurement System of Induced Voltages in Ferromagnetic Structures
    Deadline to Submit: 15-06-2015

List of all calls can be found here.

To subscribe to F4E Tender Data Base, any legal entity can register following this link.

Procurements from ITER Organization (IO)


Details on all the calls can be found here.Calls for Nominations

May we remind you that the only requirement at the initial stage is to express your interest per email to prior to the deadline with your postal address and contact person. Thereupon F4E will forward your email to ITER Organization in Cadarache, who in turn will send you the complete Terms of Reference. You may then decide if you can/want to submit an offer or not.

Calls for Proposals
IO may also from time to time issue Calls for Proposals through its Domestic Agencies, mainly for expertise either from individuals or firms. The Call for Proposal provides all needed information for making a tender, including the email address of the recipient of the tender at IO.

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